Whether you are a new business owner setting up your initial bookkeeping system, a busy entrepreneur who wants to know where your money is going, or office staff requiring QuickBooks training or support, we can help. Once your system is up and in place, we provide as much or as little support as you need. Your time is a valuable commodity, and growing and maintaining your business efficiently should be your focus. We will work with you to develop a customized approach that meets your small business needs and provides you with solutions and order. Here is a sampling of the services we provide:


- Setting up QuickBooks software efficiently and appropriately for your
industry. - Developing a bookkeeping system that identifies ways to improve your profitability.
- Setting up payroll or job costing features accurately.


- One-on-one QuickBooks training using your own data, either at your location or over the internet.
- Training your employees how to enter data correctly. Showing both you and your employees how to access the QuickBooks reports needed to evaluate results and perform jobs efficiently.
- Being available to answer questions, resolve problems, and train new employees. Providing QuickBooks help as needed.


- Analyzing vulnerabilities in your current bookkeeping system and addressing them effectively in QuickBooks.
- Identifying incorrect software set-up and modifying QuickBooks appropriately.
- Customizing QuickBooks reports and interpreting them so you understand your business results.
- Projecting your cash flow and analyzing your financial data to help you make wise business decisions.


- Reviewing your records to make certain transactions are processed correctly. Correcting data and set-up where needed. Offering monthly and quarterly ongoing reviews to make sure records stay on track.
- Providing QuickBooks outsourcing services by entering data for you, if your firm is small. Printing reports and financial statements so you can see how your business is doing.
- Reconciling monthly bank accounts and providing payroll support.
- Coordinating your year-end reporting and tax needs with your
accountant, banker, or other advisors.


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